The Greek Universities Network provides for the Greek Academic Community the livestream service with which you can broadcast live video and audio as well as your computer screen to as many people as you like with no need to install any software. Also, there is the option of using a chat for the exchange of messages with the remote viewers.

The live stream can be watched by as many people as you like, from their laptops, desktops, or mobile devices from anywhere they are and without having to install any software.

The service appeals to the whole Greek Academic Community, including students, teaching staff, as well as technical and administrative staff of Higher Education Institutions. Any member of the Academic community can use the service, as long as they have a valid academic e-mail address. Only the broadcaster needs to have a valid Greek Academic e-mail address. The viewers of the live broadcast do not need to have a valid Greek Academic e-mail address.

All users should use the service exclusively in the context of their academic activities in order to support their educational and research work.

Note: This is a pilot service so please report back to us if you encounter any problem at livestream@gunet.gr